"MMA is the realest sport of all time. It’s a sport broken down even more so than boxing. Broken down to its rawest element acceptable by society. What is a real sport? It’s man dominating another man with discipline, focus, technique, will, intelligence, and heart. That is all sports-that is the root in what people admire in all sports, but MMA embodies all of that. It’s the purest form of sport. If you say you love sports but you don’t like MMA, you don’t really love sports. You don’t really know what sports really are, because every man in a fucking football uniform running into another man really wants to beat those guys’ asses. Every time a guy slam dunks a ball into a guy’s face he really wants to beat that dude’s ass. You want to win when it’s most important, and that’s the most important thing." - Joe Rogan (via mma-gifs)


A US Navy EOD tech at Forward Operating Base War Horse. photo sourced from public domain

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Gloriaphoto by Emanuele Ferrari
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